Animal Energy World Academy

Accredited Courses available for EFT with Animals & Dowsing.

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 As the Founder & Owner of Animal Energy World Academy I have the greatest pleasure in welcoming you to a world which has been my world for many years now of working  not only with animal companions but wildlife , insects & animal associations. My courses are varied and encompass at the heart of them EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques) of which I am a Master Trainer of Trainers with EFT International Association. I have been teaching & using EFT for people, over 20 years and more recently over 11 years, for animals. My courses are varied from an Introductory Course to General Interest to the NEW Practitioner status. Additionally, I teach Dowsing with a Pendulum and incorporate Animal Communication into this teaching.

I recently gained Accreditation for my EFT Animal Practitioner Course to a qualified, professional level through the Animal Energy World Academy and secured insurance companies to cover this area for the first time! It was 10 years in the making but worth it, to help all animals..

I have developed many new techniques with animals and adapted existing techniques to use with our most special animal companions.

 I am excited to be sharing and teaching the techniques with you and hope you will join me in forming an integral part of this Animal Energy World and be `part of that change you wish to see in the world for our animals´.

The energy techniques I have researched and developed are second nature to me now, or should I say first nature and I want to help you feel that same joy of connecting with an animal either by communicating or with energy based techniques such as EFT. I will be sharing much more in the way of new courses, events, free resources, products and downloads in the future.

I am so excited about my new and unique launches of Animal Communication and using EFT with Animals and I will tutor you on a flexible one to one basis via Zoom or Group basis. My background as a professional trainer in England originally with Chamber of Commerce ensured I understood the value and importance of solid foundational training to consolidate learning. Home study and videos and e books are all great but the difference is personal tuition which seems to have often disappeared yet is invaluable.

So with that in mind I believe I am offering a unique service which includes:-

  • Bespoke personalised individual or group training
  • Your own expert tutor to teach and guide you both on the people side & the animal side
  • My many years experience working with animals 
  • Learn when you want with courses running all year round
  • Varied course entry levels to suit your individual needs
  • And importantly ongoing support
  • Building our own community where we are learning and helping not just each other but importantly our animals

How  wonderful does it sound? To truly be that person who is capable of affecting that change we wish to see for our animals.

Additionally, I hosted nearly 10 years of the Animal Energy World Conference breaking down barriers with this ground breaking event and cutting edge speakers from around the world which was only interrupted with COVid..

Thank you for joining me in the Animal Energy World Adventure and if you would like to read more About me here.

In appreciation,

Marie x